New NFC Car Features

The Review of the Keys

I’m just going to come out and say it. This might be the coolest article I have read concerning NFC for a couple reasons. First… I hate forgetting where I parked my car. Hate it. I hate anything that makes me feel like an idiot and forgetting where I parked my car twenty minutes or two days ago makes me feel like a complete, especially when I am with someone else. Second, the technology is here already and is definitely going to become part of our future, as evidenced by the fact that this article is actually a review of a current product.

What made this article something I wanted to write is the fact that it isn’t about holding your phone up to something and getting information. Nor was it about getting information concerning a sale or something else that helps us satisfy a want for something. This is a way to us NFC to satisfy a need, and a way to address a very practical concern.

First, the car finder. Okay, so most cars can be equipped with something that will beep if you press a button on your keychain, and in the future any car without this capability will be considered an antique. However, for the time being, this is just flat cool. Your keys will link up with your phone to find your spaceship… I mean, car. I’m pretty sure I saw that on Star Trek when I was a kid. This might be the last thing on your list of cool parts of that article, but I’m pretty absentminded and in my own head a lot, so this application of NFC is right up my alley.

Second, the car diagnosis. Oh, the uses of this technology! First of all, I know nothing about cars. If my car breaks I will lift the hood only as a formality. I will take a look at the engine, find something smoking, and say “Ah, the thing is broken.” Then I will close the hood and call a tow truck followed by my mechanic. He will tell me what is wrong with it and I will just have to trust him. With this, though, I will know if I even have to bring the car to the mechanic. What’s that smart keys? The battery’s dead? Well, I should have probably known that, but thank you (and please don’t tell my father I asked). Also, I can bring it to the mechanic and sound like I know what I’m talking about. “It’s the [enter technical car term here]” I will say, and the mechanic will think I know what I’m talking about, which will give me some much needed points as a man and maybe save me some green.

I don’t know what the future of NFC will be, but I know it includes me getting a smart key!

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