NFC Two Benefits for You

Just look up near field communication in any of the various forums and blogs and you will find the ways in which NFC will benefit corporations and other moneymaking entities. Sure, they might coat this argument in the idea that NFC will benefit you in that it will make it easier to pay for your purchase, but the truth is that making things easier for you is not the main reason companies would adopt this technology. Of course, they want to make money, and the best companies will convince you they have done you a favor by allowing you to spend your money with them.

So what are the benefits to you?


Now, it may seem hypocritical to put this at the top of my list, but there is something to be said for ease-of-use. Just ask Apple. Does my Apple computer make my articles better? No. Does it make my Internet faster? No. For the things I do on a daily basis could I spend literally 10 times less and get the same products? Sure. But here I sit typing on my 2000 dollar computer I don’t need simply because it has an intuitive interface. Do you know how many times I’ve had to type C:…? Not once, because everything is where it makes sense for it to be, so we can’t overestimate people’s desire for intuitive interfaces. And there simply is not a more intuitive interface than tapping two phones together that need to share information. It’s pretty much just the act of extending the information you have (your phone) and giving it to someone else (their phone). Simple. Never underestimate simplicity either.

You’re Still Safe

Any time a new technology is released and I get a chance to write about it, I get bombarded with emails and calls from friends and strangers alike. The subjects vary depending on the type of technology, but any tech that involves someone’s information is met with emails to me asking if their information is going to remain as safe as it is at the moment. When PayPal was released, it didn’t seem like I left my office for days as I was hunched over the computer answering email after email, assuring them of the measures PayPal had taken to ensure everyone was safe. The same thing, I’m sure, will happen when NFC becomes more popular. I know the question I will get most often is “How will I be able to stop people from taking my information if all they have to do is stand next to me?” The thing about NFC is that it is safe in a couple ways. First of all, your phone does have to be within a few centimeters of another phone for the information to be transferred. Not only that, but you both have to give permission to send and receive information, so there is no way for your information to be unwittingly shared. There. That should take care of a few emails in a year or so.

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