NFC in Japan

NFC in the Travel Industry

I once went to Disney’s Tomorrowland, which I would imagine years ago really seemed like a creative representation of what the world of the future might look like. If I were someone looking to sell or use NFC, I would imagine that is what Japan looks like, with less of a creative license. 

Japan has been using NFC in daily life for years, which isn’t that surprising. The Japanese people, especially Japanese urban people, have been more willing to adopt new technology much faster than the Western world for decades. 

One of the main ways Japan is utilizing NFC technology is through the travel industry. If there is any indication of how NFC will be used in the future in America, it is through how the Japanese use it in the present, and the uses in travel seem to be some of the most popular and practical uses. 

Within travel, one of the major uses of NFC is an increased convenience when going through the airport. According to the article I linked to in this post, Japan’s leading airline utilizes NFC in order to compete with the ultra-fast trains in use in the country. They have been using the technology in this way for the past half-decade (where have we been?) and in this way they have decreased the amount of time people have to remain grounded at the airport. 

This, to me, is an extremely interesting use of the technology. I have heard of it being used for mass transportation on the ground, but that is more a matter of convenience. In this case, we may be able to recapture the allure of flying by plane. One of the major obstacles airlines are looking to overcome when attracting customers is the general feeling that flying means spending two hours at the airport to make sure people have enough time to get their boarding passes and get through security before the plane takes off. With the type of technology described in this article, we might be able to alleviate the concern of waiting in line for boarding passes, even if it does little to decrease the line at the security.

Of course, something to be aware of as a possible downside to this technology is, if we became dependent on it, we would be depending on a server or group servers, all of which are susceptible to failure. Just a thought.

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