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Welcome to the Near Field Communication News blog! My name is Nathan Drake and I am a freelance technology writer here in Toronto. What once was my interest is now my job, as I write for different publications about emerging technologies, writing reviews and commentaries about how these technologies might influence our lives in the future. I have decided to commit this blog to near field communication news and commentaries because, frankly, I’ve never reviewed or commented upon any emerging technology that I thought would have a more profound impact on our daily lives. I want to be part of the revolution, and since I’m not smart enough to actually program NFC technology, I’ll comment on it.

I was first introduced to near field communication about 8 months ago at a technology expo in Upstate New York. Oddly, I wasn’t that impressed by it. I couldn’t see the difference between it and QR codes, which I had been reporting on for years and am pleased to see them finally making their way into our everyday lives as more and more people possess the technology required to read them. The way I figured it, I already had something that I could hold up to something else and receive information and so what if NFC technology got rid of the little square thing you had to scan. They told me it would one day replace my wallet and I had a laugh to myself because I had been hearing this from Japanese companies for years and yet my wallet remained an integral part of my daily life. Technology companies have a way of overstating the societal impacts of their technology. 

A month or so passed and I saw an influx of articles online pouring in touting the many possible uses of NFC and how it would change my life forever. Now, I’m old enough to remember reading articles (I was in high school at the time) about how this thing called the Internet was going to change my life forever and that if I got involved it might be the way to millions. I was skeptical at the time. As it turns out, they were right and I went to college for English and now I make pennies as a writer… so I try to be a little less skeptical while maintaining a professional distance with these things. Well, if you haven’t already heard, near field communications will change your life and if you are so inclined it might be worth getting into it now. It might just make you millions and save you from a life of writing for pennies about stuff you were too blind to see to potential of before it took off. 

In this blog, I will be providing an informational resource as well as writing about how advancements in near field communication can and will affect your everyday life. I might be right. I might be wrong. But there’s one thing I won’t be… sitting silent on the sidelines while the world changes before our eyes.

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